The appealing and versatile stickers & reward  cards for dancing, acting and theatre clubs & schools.

Available in your dance  school colours and with your school's name.

Personalise your reward cards with your school's name or logo as well as your uniform.

Plus, New Stagecraft/Musical Theatre Stickers.

What Is Polly, Dolly & Dyl?
This is a reward scheme designed as a handy tool to help dance teachers reinforce rules on attendance, behaviour and uniform in class. 
Teachers set their own agenda for rewarding students (practicing, being tidy, working well in class, etc) and reward qualifying students with a sticker at the end of each lesson. 
Students collect their stickers on a reward card, and each time they fill a card they get a prize.
The beauty of the scheme is that it’s not only the gifted and talented students who receive awards, but all students who work hard and love dance. 
Plus, the characters on the reward cards will be dressed in your uniform, making it easier for your students to relate to them!

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